Thank You!

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful local community helping the park on its journey. Here are some of the local companies who have donated time, money or resources to the project. (in no particular order)

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Cynthia Adams ( local painter)

Jackie Harper (bonkers)

Julie guest (scout hut)

John York – York butchers

Berni Jefferson- page (forever living)

Paulina Coleman ( another length hair extension and beauty)

Byron Willetts (OCD cleaning)

Nick lay – local photographer

Charlotte Lunn – ARTventurers

Thurrock Co op – Sandra Harris / Clare

Easton Maxine- post office

Sue Sammons

Lynn Lazenby- Poochi Pooch

KJM design – Donna and Kevin Miller

Holly Akins – Blandy – Choc box & flower pots

Jenny Yates

Emma Wakeling